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Subject: Boyett Point Count System
From: Will Boyett
Dear Fellow Poker Player,
Are you confused as to what Omaha starting hand is the best to play? I know they all look good. I too was confused when I first discovered Omaha Hi Lo back in 1982. In Hold Em we know pocket aces wins about 33% of the time, but how do you calculate your chance of winning when you are playing six Hold Em hands at once (as you do in Omaha Hi-Lo).
Fortunately I had a degree in Computer Programming so I was able to quickly build a simulator that helped me develop the world's first point count system for Omaha Hi Lo back in 1982.
Since that time, others have copied me and developed their own point count systems, but none come close to the ease and accuracy of the Boyett Point Count System. Check out the comparison chart below:
Omaha Hi Lo Cappelletti Point Count System requires 32 equations to get at the final number and the Hutchison System requires 28 equations. How are you going to remember all those equations when you are at the poker table?
Omaha Hi-Lo The Boyett Point Count System has only 6 equations for you to remember. By far the simplest and easiest to use of the three.

Omaha Hi Lo Cappelletti and Hutchison only give you a final point score. If it's above a certain number, you play, if below you pass. They don't take into account if the odds are right for playing. Why would you want to play hands when the odds are against you?
Omaha Hi-Lo With the Boyett Point Count System your final score IS the odds your hand has of winning (either scooping or splitting the pot). Now armed with the knowledge of your hands winning percentage, you only enter pots when the odds are in your favor.

Omaha Hi Lo Cappelletti and Hutchison's point count systems are only good for calculating the strength of a hand pre-flop. What happens after that is left up to you.
Omaha Hi-Lo With the Boyett Point Count System you get your hands winning percentage as well as a sound strategy for what to do after the flop, after the turn, and after the river. Only the Boyett Point Count System takes you all the way to the end.

Point Counting Is The Secret To Big Profits In Omaha Hi Lo

That's right, just like card-counters at Black Jack are able to tell when the deck is stacked in their favor. Now you can easily count your cards and know, before the flop, whether your hand has a 50% or more chance of winning!
Point Counting is the missing link that regular players, are not following. Give yourself an advantage over your opponents. Check out this video and see the stats of my playing sessions where I routinely win 50% of the hands I play.
Here's Proof This Really Does Work

So Simple Even A Beginner Can Learn This In 15 Minutes

I taught this system to Pat, a poker player who was about to enter his very first Omaha Hi Lo tournament. I spent fifteen minutes teaching him the system. I even wrote the point count system down on a napkin so he could refer to it while he was playing. Several hours later he came back to me and told me had gone on to win that tournament.
That was amazing! This system is so simple even a beginner like Pat was able to learn it in 15 minutes and use it to cash in first place in his first Omaha Hi Lo tournament.
There Are Suckers Waiting To Give You Money Now

I urge you to take a look at the poker room where you play online. Look for Omaha Hi Lo games that have more than 3-4 players calling before the flop. These are the suckers who will soon be giving you their money once you learn how to use this easy to follow system.
If you would like to see the Boyett Point Count System in action, watch the next video. Here you will see a hand the system said would win. Just watch as the players eagerly hand over their cash.

They had no chance against me when I used my system. Notice how I raised them pre-flop and they all eagerly gave me more cash. Even the river tried to give me a bad beat, but because I played a high-percentage hand, I still managed to keep the nuts and collect all the money from these suckers. Once you apply the system, they will be handing you money too.
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To Your Poker Playing Success,
Will Boyett

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